Sunday 19 September 2010

Baby Breitlings at Cosford 2010

Our second show in 2010 was at the Large Model Association's show at Cosford.  This is always a good show to attend as a visitor as there are 2 days of flying displays from the LMA members, the chance to browse and buy in the traders area and also the opportunity to visit the museum.

There wasn't much chance for us to visit the museum as we were flying regularly through the day - both with the Baby Wingwalkers and with our other models.

The weather had been forecast to be wet and windy all weekend which didn't sound good.  We were fortunate that the rain never really materialised and we even saw some blue sky.  But it was definitely windy which meant changes to the flying programme as some people didn't want to risk damaging their models in the wind.

Despite the bad weather, Alex Whittaker and Neil Hutchinson took some great photos of the Baby Breitlings which were published in model magazines RCM&E and RC Model World.

There's a full report of the Cosford Show on the LMA website with some great photos of the Baby Wingwalkers and the other models that were displayed there. 

If you have attended any of the events we have flown at and have photos or video then please share them with us on our Facebook site.

Photo (c) Neil Hutchinson

Saturday 11 September 2010

Baby Breitlings' First Public Display

There has been a lot of activity behind the scenes over the last 2 years, with the conception and building of 2 x 30% scale Stearmans and 2 fully working radio controlled wingwalkers.

It all became public in July when we gave our first display of the year at Woodspring Wings Model Show 2010.

Now most of the season is over, there is time to write about the models and show them in action.

Photograph (c) Chris Armitage

Here is a great video taken at the show which shows the display team in action and also has interviews with Richard  who is the designer/builder and Sarah who is one of the wingwalkers from the full size team that the models are based on.