Sunday 3 April 2011

Spraying the Baby Breitling Stearmans

It's been quiet on this blog but not quiet in the workshop. 

The orange paint arrived at the end of February and Richard has been spraying everything orange since then. 

There is a lot to spray - 2 biplane fuselages, 2 tailpanes and 8 wing sections, plus the spats and cowls.
The first stage is to paint all the surfaces white.  Then vinyl masks are applied to protect the areas that will remain white.
These wing panels have the masks applied. 

Richard had to make sure that he used the right type of vinyl for the masks because not all vinyl sticks well. 
This is one of the fuselages after its orange coat.
It takes longer to do the masking than to do the painting.  It took nearly a day to mask 2 pairs of bottom wings.
Once the orange coat has been applied, new masking is put on so the grey can be applied to the leading edges and also the outline of the lettering.
For more pictures of the spraying visit our Facebook page where Richard is uploading pictures throughout the process.