The Team

The team live in different locations in the south of the UK but meet up to fly as the Baby Breitlings team.  They all met through their enthusiasm for flying model planes.

Richard Rawle
Designer, builder and pilot

Richard is well known on the model aircraft scene and has designed and built many large models that are loved by the crowd. Amongst them are the 1/3 scale Grace Spitfire and the 1/5 scale Mosquito which is approaching its 20th year. He has picked up many awards along the way for design and flying.

Steve Holland

Steve is also a familiar sight at model shows, also the designer and builder of many familar and popular models. Amongst them are the Catalina, the 50% scale Comet and the 50% scale Zlin. He has picked up many awards for his flying and the planes he has designed and built.

Sharon Stiles
Wingwalker operator

Sharon also flies, though usually smaller models than Richard and Steve. Operating the wingwalkers though is just as enjoyable and a challenge to make sure that their arms and legs are in the right place at the right time.