Saturday 12 March 2011

Baby Breitling Wingwalkers fly together again

Last week the team got together again to fly the Stearmans in formation for the first time in 6 months. It was a chilly day but good to see them both in the air again.

Each pilot did a quick solo flight first without the wingwalker rig because that reduces the risk of damage if an emergency landing is needed. Then we put the rigs and wingwalkers on the planes and took off into the routine.

It took a while to get used to the routine again.  Richard had flown a solo routine in a couple of displays towards the end of last year which is slightly different to the formation routine so he needed to get used to the old manouevres.  He also noticed that he made a lot more speed adjustments to keep in formation.  He flies the second plane which needs more power to keep in formation with the lead plane on turns.

Sharon had to remember where all the switches on the transmitter are that operate the wingwalkers' legs and arms.

We got through 2 tanks of fuel but then the sun started going down so it was time to call it a day.

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