Tuesday 5 October 2010

Baby Breitling Wingwalkers at Hastings 2010

It was the first time that any of the team had flown at the Hastings Model Show (July 2010) but there were lots of familiar faces there.  The weather was gorgeous sunshine, though there was still the breeze that seems to be constant this year.  It's also a grass runway which is nicer to fly from than tarmac.

At a show the planes are usually parked along the crowdline so that the public can have have a look at them in more detail.  When it's time to fly you push the plane out to the startup box on the display line so you can start the engines safely away from the crowd. It's a long flightline at Hastings so there was a lot of exercise pushing both the Stearmans and the 4 other planes we had taken into place.  We got wise the second day and positioned ourselves closer to the startup box.

After a flight we take the planes back to the crowdline and usually put the wingwalkers through their paces on the ground so that people can see them close up. The Mayor of Hastings was one of the visitors to the show and had her photo taken with one of the planes.

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