Monday 6 December 2010

Landing the 30% scale Baby Wingwalker Stearmans

At the end of the flight you have to be on your toes with the Stearmans.  This is because the model wingwalkers are are full of radio gear and weigh more of a proportion of the overall weight of the aircraft than the slender full size wingwalkers!

Because of this you need to be landing into wind or as near to into wind as you can get. There are two ways to land the aircraft.  

One is to settle into a gentle three point landing when there is little or no wind to speak of. This type of landing looks really good on grass strips and you can afford to be a bit out of wind.  The wheels slip more than they do on tarmac and you are much less likely to ground loop. 

The second way is to fly them in faster and land only on the main wheels and use crossed rudder and ailerons to correct any direction changes as you slow down. This is the type of landing that Steve favours in stronger crosswinds especially when flying from tarmac.

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