Sunday 17 July 2011

Baby Wingwalkers at Woodspring Wings 2011

The Baby Breitling Wingwalkers flew at Woodspring Wings Model Show at the beginning of July.  It marked a year since our first public display at the same show last year.

Woodspring is always an enjoyable place to fly at. The site gives a great background to fly against and the crowd can get a good view of the models. Although there is a tarmac runway there's also a lot of grass to use as well.

This year is was incredibly hot on both days but the DA150 engines in the Stearmans performed well.

We were really pleased to be awarded a trophy for the best biplanes.

(Photos courtesy of Chris Bowler)

David from Icebox was there again and we made a rig for one of his cameras so he could have some onboard footage.  We didn't have the usual camera mount we use so made one out of a spare propeller.  It's not as steady as our usual mount so tends to cause camera shake when the plane throttles up.  But it's nice to see the whole routine from the ground and onboard.

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