Tuesday 2 November 2010

Baby Breitling Wingwalkers at Gaydon Motor Museum, October 2010

Model aircraft isn't the first thing you would expect to find at a motor museum. But this is the third year that the Large Model Association has put on a static display of models at Gaydon and each year it is popular with both the modellers and visitors.  Just like Yeovilton, there is the chance to look round the museum as well so there is a double attraction.

After the previous day of rain it was nice to be able to put the Stearmans together in the warm and dry and know there was going to be no mad dash for rain covers.  It was a good chance to catch up with the other modellers without the usual rush of a show with one eye on the schedule.

One trick we like to play is to be standing away from the models amongst the rest of the crowd and then gently turn the wingwalkers' heads.  Because it's such a slight movement people aren't sure whether they've seen a movement or whether they imagined it.  Then a little arm waving and leg bending and they can see the wingwalker is moving but they're not quite sure how.  So, if you're at one of our shows you'll know to look out for the person with the transmitter who's standing behind you.

Wandering round the rooms, as well as familiar models you also get a preview of the partly built models that will be on the show scene in all their glory next year or the year after.  One of the modellers, Chris Bates, has put together a slideshow of the models that were there which shows the huge variety.

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